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Azedeem: Heroes of Past is a mobile tactical turn-based RPG.

At the moment Azedeem is available only for Android and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Become one of the greatest heroes of Azedeem. Bring different champions together to create an invincible army. Be the fall of Azedeem. Fight hundreds of amazing adventures. Collect, upgrade and evolve your champions. Create your own unique strategy to get advantage of your champions' many abilities.

Game features:

★ Get Idle Reward.
You get the reward even when you are not playing and there are no timer which force to wait or spend resources.

★ Upgrade And Evolve Your Heroes
Collect enough resources and make your heroes stronger.

★ Fight against other players.
Create an undefeatable army and become the top 1 in the Arena of Dumuk-Adakh.

★ Get most of heroes synergy.
Combine different heroes in your army to get most of their abilities and skills.

★ Use magic skills and scrolls.
Use deadly magic spells to crush your enemy.

★ Master battle strategy.
Interesting turn-based battles will make you take time to think.

★ Lots of different game modes.

Long-term work in progress:

★ Battle full rework.

★ Heroes characteristics system complete rework.

★ Heroes design rework.

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